Celebrate Lit

Celebrate Lit (Literature) is a group of people who write and/or read  Christian fiction of all genres (Historical, Amish, Modern, Youth/Young Adult, Sci Fi, Fantasy, etc).  We work together to promote the writings of the members of the group.   I love it, because I get the opportunity to meet new authors and read and promote […]

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Musings Out Of A Fire

July 15, 2016 started out as a fairly typical day. I happened to be home, after a couple days of severe back pain which my chiropractor was able to pop me out of UNUSUALLY quickly the day before. After catching up on sleep lost from the back pain, I awakened at noon, almost decided to […]

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Trees …  majestic, beautiful, humbling, God’s living sculptures.  They provide cool shade in the hot summer, color in the fall, interest to a landscape in the winter, hope and beauty in the spring.  They drink up gallons and gallons of water and return it to us in the form of oxygen.  They provide homes for […]

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Cherish Those You Love

This was written 10 years ago.  As I read it again after resurrecting this blog, I decided to leave it, as it truly still speaks from my heart.  Only a couple edits here and there and some additions but I did leave  most of it as it was. (At the time of this writing, it […]

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