Chautona Havig

About 7 years ago, when I first got my tablet, I downloaded the Kindle app.  I knew you could get kindle books for free and so went looking for encouraging and uplifting Christian fiction.  I ran across some duds, but the nice thing about the freebie aspect is, you don’t pay for it .. so move on.  I found a book called “Past Forward” by Chautona Havig … looked good, it was free so why not.    The book was just the first in a large collection of volumes.   I signed up for Chautona’s emails, joined her contests and found out that she was giving away volumes from this collection each week …  I’d jump on that email, as soon as it came in to get my download.   In a year or two, I read all her books (but one, which I couldn’t quite get into, but plan on trying again soon).  I joined her pre-reader group and have had the privilege of reading her stories, before they are released and helping to promote them.  It’s been great and I’ve “met” a bunch of other really great ladies, some authors, some like me, who just enjoy a good read.

In my various Amazon reviews, I often say reading a book by Chautona is like sitting outside on a cool summer evening and listening to someone relay an incredible story.  There’s a gentle quietness about many of her books that does not make them boring … just soothing … BUT  then …. BANG!!!  something happens and the little quiet world you’re in is spun out of orbit.  I love it!  Then things right themselves and the cycle starts again.

Actually, doing this blog post is good, because I think I likely did not review all the books I read … shame on me!!!!  So, this forced me to buckle down and do my reviews, so I can help this dear lady.

I give high reviews for most of the books I finish reading, because anything that doesn’t appeal to me and doesn’t draw me back, I quit on.  Why push through a crummy book, when so many good ones are out ther.  As I do blogging more, I’ll likely go ahead and do reviews on my lower rated books.  But so far, most of who I review is going to be what I personally consider “good” to “great”.

My top favorites listed below and linked to my review:

Past Forward

Annals of Wynnewood

Those are the best of the best, but here’s some very close runners up:

Not A Word